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Chapter 2, Page 51
Chapter 2, Page 51

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Under same management, Under new name..

Hey, everyone..
If anyone still has any care for this comic at all. ^^; I still do, it just frustrates me a lot.

Last time I updated was over 2 years ago and the reason for that is a few days after updating, I had the next FIVE pages inked and toned to perfection in Manga Studio and Photoshop.. and my computer got a virus and committed suicide!!

That made me very angry and after wiping the drive completely and reinstalling everything, I just couldn't bring myself to try anything with FaP for a very long time. :(

Finally, a few months ago I started playing around with the old pages, cleaning them up and toning them all purdy like.. The art is still kinda crappy in some panels, but they're better than the old ones.

I'd really love to continue FaP now, but I think before it will become fully active again, I'm going to do a complete overhaul on it. Re-write and re-draw the entire thing from page one.


If you're an FaP-Oldie you've probably noticed the name change. No more "Dice-chan". The reason for that is, I'm a grown up now. :-P A. R. Valentina is going to be my Pseudonym from now on. Yay~

Anyway... Here's to hoping that someday FaP will one day, again, be active weekly. :)

~A. R. Valentina~

posted by A. R. Valentina @ July 5th, 2010, 7:59 pm  -  0 comments

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