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T___T I'm soooooo tired now!! And freezing! I think the furnace is broked. I can't feel my toes or the fingers on my right hand!....It's actually kinda weird. Even if I treat my right and left hand the same when it comes to the cold, my right hand still gets colder than my left. O__o

Anyway! I've been working on this page for nearly 6 hours! Of course, most of that time was spent trying to find something else to use as the backgrounds in the panels. I'm getting bored of all the shinies. I was, mostly, un-successful, as you can see. @__@ *gouges out her eyes*

...I don't really like this page. Only the first panel. The rest can BUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRNNNN!!! Dx

And I didn't get that second page finished like I'd hoped too. But, that's okay, I guess.....

And if you care to kow the reason this page is so late....or early >_>, however you want to see it. You can read the previous news post for most of the reasons, but the main one for why it didn't post yesterday, is because instead of toning it like I should have, I went to my friend's house and played Guitar Hero for like 5 hours!! 8D I love it! I'm a Guitar Hero!! YAAAYY!...Actaully, I'm pretty bad at it. Lawl, but my friend is like....AWESOME at it....With a capital H! <3 *plays air guitar*


posted by Dice-chan @ December 15th, 2007, 4:05 am  -  0 Comments

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